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Swingers Club No.2

Tristero Piano Trio &

Ensemble Lemniscate

Swingers Club is a project, where new music groups change their repertoire with each other.

Tristero has designed a program for Lemniscate(Basel), and Lemniscate for Tristero. Performance oriented works take us from home to office space, with humorous and absurd results.

Both ensembles will also perform together and premiere Andreas Eduardo Frank's new work Performance Is a Monster (2019)

Composers: Kranebitter, Huber, Eizirik, Shlomowitz, Arola, Løffler, Raasakka, Frank

Space for Free Arts Thu 16.5. at 20.00

Tickets 10€

Students, Uniarts personel 0€

Matthias Kranebitter: Top 10

Matthias Kranebitter: Pitch Study no1 / contra violin

Mirela Ivičević: FEAR.LESS.SONGS


Kalle Hamm & Dzamil Kamanger: Critical Pizza Lists (2007)

Klaus Lang: The Intelligent Ladle (2009)

Tytti Arola: Rasva (2016)

Anssi Kasitonni: Saladdin Castique (2018)

Enno Poppe: Trauben (2005) 

Vesa Valkama: New work (2018)

Niina Suominen: Good Stuff (2009)




Vito Zuraj: Chrysanthemum (2015)

Minna Leinonen: Grey-headed woodpecker (2012)

Ville Raasakka: Everyday Etudes Nr.1: Garden (2015)

Kalle Hamm & Dzamil Kamanger: Garden of Invasive Alien Species (2016)

Juan de Dios Magdaleno: Strange Attractors (2014)

Tytti Arola: Forest (2016)

Veli-Matti Puumala: Caprifoglio (1998)

Jaana Kokko: The Forest is Young and Full of Life (2012)



Clara Iannotta: Dead Wasps in the Jam-jar (2015)


Ludwig van Beethoven: fragment from Bagatelle op.33 Nr 4

Clara Iannotta: Il colore dell'ombra (2010)

Ludwig van Beethoven: fragment from Bagatelle WoO52

Jouni Hirvelä: Macbeth fragments (2015)

Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano trio D Major, "Ghost" op.70





Matthias Kranebitter / Sebastian Gräfe: Wassermusik suite nr 2 (2016)


Anton Bruckner: Abendklänge (1866)

Wolfgang Mitterer: Music for Checking E-Mails / Hallo Mr Bruckner (2009)

Matthias Kranebitter: Pitch Study No1 / contra violin (2016)

Mirela Ivičević: FEAR. LESS. SONGS (2016)

Wolfgang Mitterer: Music for Checking E-Mails / Back_Klav_03/_04/_08

Matthias Kranebitter: TOP 10 (2012)

Anton Bruckner: Abendklänge 

Wolfgang Mitterer: Music for Checking E-Mails / Background 10  



TRISTERO is an underground mailing service in Thomas Pynchon’s novel The Crying of Lot 49. Following our own underground path the trio takes detours also to older music, investigating all kinds of musical phenomena. The trio's programs are designed by composer Ville Raasakka.

EMIL HOLMSTRÖM and his hat are a familiar sight for everyone keeping up with the Finnish contemporary music scene. His calendar is a chaotic sight, containing gigs with orchestras, free improvisation, Uusinta Ensemble, defunensemble, Ristiveto, composing and plenty of other things. 

ERIIKKA MAALISMAA is a founding force behind Jousia Ensemble and Quartet, HÄRÖ collective, Ristiveto Festival and Classical Hietsu in Helsinki. She has worked as leader of numerous orchestras and ensembles including the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Tapiola Sinfonietta, Avanti! and the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

VILLE RAASAKKA uses field recordings, internet discussions and all sorts of everyday and social topics as source material for his compositions. His works have been performed at festivals Eclat, Archipel, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Royaumont and June in Buffalo. His special interest are the visual arts, which he studies secondarily in his doctoral studies in composition at the University of the Arts Helsinki.

MARKUS HOHTI feels equally at home with new music, a baroque cello in hand, or at a jazz club stage.  Work as a soloist or in his own groups defunensemble, Uusinta Ensemble, Ensemble Laboratorium and Sid Hille Collective have taken him to places like Our Festival, Lucerne Festival, Salzburger Biennale, Zürich Tonhalle and the Berliner Philharmonie.

16.5.2019 20.00 

Space for Free Arts, Helsinki

Vilhovuorenkuja 15